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Anguilla Money & Business guide

Anguilla Money & Business guide


  • Barclays Bank PLC.
  • Caribbean Commercial Bank.
  • National Bank of Anguilla.
  • Scotiabank, Anguilla Ltd.

Banking Hours

Government offices 0800-1600 Monday-Friday; banks 0800-1500 Monday-Thursday, 0800-1700 Friday. Shops open 0800-1700 or 1800, some grocery stores are open until 2100, a few on Sunday. Gas stations are open in The Valley, Monday to Saturday 0700-2100, Sunday 0900-1300, and at Blowing Point, Monday to Sunday 0700-2400.

Business Hours

Monday to Friday 0800-1600.

Weights and Measures

Metric, but some imperial weights and measures are still used.

Public Holidays

New Year’s Day, Good Friday, Easter Monday, Labour Day, Whit Monday, end of May (Anguilla Day, commemorates the Anguilla Revolution which began 30 May 1977), the Queen’s official birthday in June, the first Monday (August Monday) and the first Thursday (August Thursday) and Friday (Constitution Day) in August, 19 December (Separation Day), Christmas Day, Boxing Day.

Business Dress

Jacket & tie optional. Dress formal.


The Eastern Caribbean dollar is fixed to the US dollar at US$1.00 = EC$2.68. Credit cards & traveler's checks are generally accepted. US Dollars accepted.

Taxes & Service Charges

  • Airport departure tax: Adults US$15.00. Children (5 12 years) US$7.50.
  • Ferry departure tax: US$2.00.
  • Room tax 8%.
  • Service charge 10%.

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