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Beaches & Watersports in Antigua

Tourist brochures will never tire of telling you that there are 365 beaches on Antigua, one for every day of the year, some of which are deserted. The nearest beach to St John’s is Fort James which can be pleasant, with its palm trees and a few boulders. However it gets crowded at weekends and at times it becomes rough and so has a milky appearance, lots of weed and is not good for swimming. It is also rather secluded and confrontations with drug-users have been recorded there, so do not go alone. Further but better is Dickenson Bay but there are hotels all along the beach which fence off their property and some pump sewage into the sea which can be smelly.

Soldier’s Bay, next to the Blue Waters Hotel; is shallow and picturesque. Instead of following the sign, park your car in the hotel car park, which has shade, walk left across the property, climb through the hole in the fence and in about three minutes you are there.

Also good is Deep Bay which, like most beaches, can only be reached by taxi or car. There are several nice beaches on the peninsula west of St John’s, past the Royal Antiguan Hotel. On Trafalgar Beach condominiums have been built on the rocks overlooking the small, sheltered bay.

If you go through Five Islands village you come to Galley Bay, a secluded and unspoilt hotel beach which is popular with locals and joggers at sunset.

The four Hawksbill beaches at the end of the peninsula, one of which is a nudist beach (free public entry, very secluded, security guard on duty, pleasant atmosphere), are crescent shaped, very scenic and unspoilt. Take drinks to the furthest one as there are no facilities and you may have the place to yourself.

At Half Moon Bay, in the east there is plenty of room; the waves can be rough in the centre of the bay, but the water is calm at the north end. Near English Harbour is Galleon Beach, which is splendid, but again can only be reached by taxi or car or water taxi from English Harbour, EC$2. It has an excellent restaurant.

Also excellent is Pigeon Point, reached by turning left at the Last Lemming restaurant and following the path up and over the hill. Dark Wood Beach, on the road from St John’s to Old Road round the southwest coast, is very nice, quiet, with a bar and restaurant at the south end.

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Antigua Football Association ''Ralph Potter'' Skerritts Pasture, , Antigua & Barbuda - (268) 480-3243
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