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Travel to Antigua and Barbuda

Travel to Antigua and Barbuda

Required documents: Proof of citizenship (preferably a passport), return/onward ticket and/or proof of funds needed for tourist stay up to 6 months. AIDS test required for university students and others suspected of having HIV virus; Check whether your country's test is accepted. Check Embassy for latest information.


Yellow fever vaccination is required of travelers arriving from infected areas. Health requirements change; check latest information.

Tourist office

Antigua & Barbuda Department of Tourism, Thames St., P.O. Box 363, Saint Johns, Tel 268-462-0480, Fax 268-462-2516.

Weather and clothing

Wear tropical clothing year round.


When direct dialing to Antigua & Barbuda from abroad, dial the international direct dialling access code + 268 + local number.


1 hour ahead of U.S. Eastern Standard Time, and 4 hours behind Greenwich Mean Time.

Electric current

Varies from property to property: 230V or 120V

National holiday

Independence Day (Nov 1)

Tourist attractions

Carnival, nightclubs/casino, handicrafts, beaches, resorts, water sports, glass-bottomed boat tours, yacht charter.

IMPORTANT!! All requirements/recommendations are subject to change. Be sure to check latest information.

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Tourism Notes, Antigua and Barbuda

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Entertainment in Antigua

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Climate of Antigua and Barbuda

Mildly tropical - temperatures range between 76 and 86 degrees Fahrenheit Hottest months - August and September Coolest months - January...

Before Travelling to Antigua and Barbuda

Climate Antigua is a dry island with average rainfall of about 45ins a year and although September-November is considered the rainy season...

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