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What to see and do in Aruba

What to see and do in Aruba


Fish and seafood abound in countless preparations, countries tried-and- true, and updated versions of oldies created by experienced and award-winning chefs, both local and from abroad. The settings are as diverse as the menu offerings: by the pool, on the beach, penthouse and art gallery, seaside coast to coast, deep in the countryside, open-air terraces, in malls, in landmark bars, hotel and resort spots of interest. Some are elegant,some are casual. The choice is yours.

Restaurants available

  • Local.
  • Fast Food.
  • International.
  • French.
  • Italian.
  • Spanish.
  • Indonesian.
  • Chinese.
  • Japanese.
  • Argentinean.
  • Caribbean.

10-15% service charge is usually included on your bill. Otherwise tip at your own discretion. Dress code is jackets sometimes for men & the equivalent for ladies.

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Movie Theaters/ Cinemas /Film show in Aruba

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Aruba offers luxury goods such as high quality leather goods, jewelry, perfumes, designer clothing at 20-30% off of prices in the US. Locally produced items Pottery and Aloe based products. Check more details about Shopping in Aruba


Aruba is the idyllic destination for anyone who loves the tropics. Cruise around the island of exotic landscapes, and relax on the white sandy beaches.


Consider the choices: in Aruba you can be treated, in both senses of the word, out on the beach in a thatched gazebo or in a chic very contemporary indoor international spa. Choose to be with your partner at next-to treatment tables or alone in a lovely mood that solitary brings. Treatments vary from just plain refreshing to wow! exhilarating; from scrubbing and invigorating to smooth and exotic.


The "conchi," or Natural Pool. The old California lighthouse and sand dunes of California and Boca Prins. The gold mill ruins in Balashi and Bushiribana. Bubali Plas Bird Sanctuary. The Natural Bridge. Guadirikiri. Tunnel of Love and Fontein Caves. Arikok National Park. Altovista Chapel. Not to be missed: Rated # 1 by "E" Entertainment TV as their favorite tour in Aruba. This original dinner and bar-hopping adventure is still the BEST as it takes you into the countryside and down city alleys for a true island experience. Read more details


Following a short closure, Aruba’s Archaeological Museum has moved into a building complex consisting of a recently restored 1929 mansion, a Caribbean Villa and 2 Cunucu Houses featuring state-of-the-art equipment in downtown Oranjestad just 2 short blocks from Main Street.



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Beaches & Water sports in Aruba

Golf and Other Sports in Aruba

Calendar Of Events

  • June 28-29: Aruba Jazz & Latin Music Festival.
  • September 8-15: Latin American Tennis Club Challenge Cup.
  • October 2-5: Festival de Las Americas.
  • October 25-26: International Deep Sea Fishing Tournament.

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Rentals available include Limousines. Cars. Buses. Bicycles. Motorcycles. Temporary license/permit requirements a valid foreign or international driver's license is sufficient to rent & drive a car on the island. Local services Taxis. Public transportation. Check details:

Getting Around Aruba By Land (Car, Taxis, Bus), By Sea (Cruise Ships, Boats, Yatches), By Bicycle, Scooter and Motorcycle

Getting Aruba by Air and Airport Taxi

Aruba Local, National and International Car and Taxis Rental Companies, Airport Transfer Services

Aruba Tour Operators and Entertainment Service Providers

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Before Travelling

Climate: Aruba is out of the hurricane belt and the climate is dry. The hottest months are August-October and the coolest are December-...