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Telephone Services: There is a public telephone and cable open 24 hours in the Batelco office on East Street, near the BITCO building in Nassau. Batelco also provides internet services. International calls can be made and faxes sent/received from here; also Prince George Dock, Shirley Street, Blue Hill Road, Mall at Marathon, Golden Gates and Fox Hill (0700-2000). Batelco’s mailing address is PO Box N3048, Nassau (T3234911). Grand Bahama, New Providence and most of the other islands have automatic internal telephone systems. Direct dialling is available from New Providence and most of the other islands all over the world. International calls are expensive: US$5 per minute to the UK through the operator, US$2.50 to the Caribbean. Pay phones can be used to contact USA Direct (1-800-2822881) for more economical rates than Batelco. Credit card facilities. Phone cards are now quite widely available in denominations of US$5, US$10 and US$20. A call to the UK with a phone card is US$4 per minute. Not all phones take cards. Facilities are available at most Batelco offices in Nassau and Freeport, Nassau and Freeport airports and several of the Family Islands. Videoconferencing facilities at Batelco’s offices in the Mall at Marathon, Nassau and in Freeport. Cellular service is available for most islands. Check with Batelco to see if they have reciprocal agreements with your cellular company, otherwise sign up for a roaming agreement.

Postal Services: Main post office is at East Hill Street, Nassau. Letters to North America and the Caribbean US$0.65, to Europe and South America US$0.60; to Africa, Asia and Australia US$0.70. All postcards US$0.40. Air mail to Europe takes 4-8 days, surface mail takes a couple of months. There is no door to door mail delivery in the Bahamas, everything goes to a PO Box. Parcels must be opened at the Post Office with customs officials present. Stamp collectors can contact the Bahamas Philatelic Bureau at East Hill Street, PO Box N8302, Nassau, for current mint stamps and first day covers.


  • Newspapers: There are three daily newspapers: the Nassau Guardian, The Tribune and the Bahama Journal. There are lots of tourist magazines, for example What’s On, Dining and Entertainment Guide, Nassau, Cable Beach, Paradise Island; What-To-Do, Freeport Lucaya; Getaway, Bahamas Out Islands; The Cruising Guide to Abaco, Bahamas (annual); Abaco Life.
  • Radio: The local commercial radio stations are ZNS1, owned by the Government and covering all the Bahamas, ZNS2 and ZNS3 covering New Providence and the North Bahamas. There are also Radio Abaco, Cool 96 (Freeport), More FM (Nassau) and Love 97 (Nassau). The local commercial television station is ZNS TV 13. Transmissions from Florida can be picked up and satellite reception is common.
  • Radio Communications Morning ham net 0745-0845 7268; Nassau and George Town have VHF net. Exuma Markets in George Town will accept and hold faxes and mail for visiting boats. Marinas also hold mail, be sure the name of the vessel is clearly marked.