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Caribbean all-inclusive resorts

Caribbean all-inclusive resorts

All-inclusive resorts are not new to the Caribbean -- but their popularity has grown by leaps and bounds in the past few years.

Created for couples, the all-inclusive concept has spread to encompass vacations for families and singles as well. Properties offering inclusive plans range from simple seaside spots with a casual style to grand luxe resorts with gourmet restaurants and yacht cruises. There are all-inclusive resorts of all sizes for budgets of all sizes.

Wondering if an all-inclusive is right for you? There's an at-ease idea behind all-inclusive thinking -- just the pure pleasure of planning a vacation in advance, paying "up front" and going virtually wallet and worry free from there. Air transportation, airport transfers, accommodations, meals, drinks, all sports, activities and entertainment, taxes and gratuities are wrapped in most all-inclusive resort packages.
Some resorts will cheerfully include a wedding for couples who stay a week or more. When there's family focus, day-long supervised activities programs and separate dining rooms are offered for children. Baby-sitting service is often provided to allow adults to enjoy the evening entertainment.

An all-inclusive vacation makes it easy to plan and budget your expenses in advance. But not all all-inclusive resorts are the same. Ask a travel agent to help compare plans and be sure to read the brochures since all-inclusive amenities vary between resorts. And some regular resorts are now offering all-inclusive package plans.