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Caribbean Health and Fitness / Spas

Caribbean Health and Fitness / Spas

Caribbean resorts offer both all-inclusive and a la carte vacations with emphasis on mental and physical fitness.

From simple straightforward yoga retreats to European-style super-pampering package programs in spectacular sybaritic surroundings, it's all available -- and in many destinations.

Some all-inclusive resorts offer a wide range of spa-based amenities in their standard packages. Others include basic spa features plus an impressive menu of add-ons for guests who prefer to design it themselves. These may include hydrotherapy, aromatherapy, body polishing, paraffin, bronzing or seaweed compression, facials, manicures, pedicures, body and scalp massages.

Many resorts include complimentary use of fitness facilities and charge for spa services as they are used.

Fitness centers may feature state-of-the-art gymnasiums (Nautilus and Universal) with treadmills, stair climbers, free weights, bench and leg presses, rowing and curling machines and more.

Professional trainers offer guidance and encouragement -- and take-home fitness programs for guests with personal short and long-term conditioning goals. Some also analyze body composition.

Classes are regularly scheduled for bend, stretch and toning, aerobics and aquacise at various skill levels. Tennis, volleyball and squash are available (often with instruction).

Saunas and plunge pools, jacuzzis, hiking, jogging and nature trails complete the picture.

Visitors will find that emphasis on healthy menus is a Region-wide phenomenon, not confined to spa resorts. Locally-grown fresh fruits and vegetables and straight-from-the-sea ingredients make interesting, diet-conscious cuisine possible -- and plentiful.