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Accommodation – Holguín

D-E Pernik

D-E Pernik (Islazul), T481011. Near Plaza de la Revolución on Av Jorge Dimitrov y Av XX Aniversario. 202 rooms, mostly overnighters passing through, shops, bar, restaurant, empty swimming pool, TV, a/c, nice view from top floor rooms, blue furniture, small bathrooms, adequate.

D-E Villa El Bosque

D-E Villa El Bosque (Islazul), T481012, just off Av Jorge Dimitrov. 69 rooms in spread out villas, patio garden, fridge, basic shower room, TV, a/c, also 2 suites, C, good security, car rental, large pool, El Pétalo disco, popular.

D-E El Mirador de Mayabe

D-E El Mirador de Mayabe (Islazul), T422160, T/F425347, outside the town, 24 rooms in cabins under the trees, tiled floors, a/c, TV, wooden furniture, fridge, hot water, adequate bathroom, quiet, also a suite and C 4 rooms in a house at the top of the hill with a fantastic view.

Casa Particulars:

E Barbara Cuenca Sánchez, Narciso López 48B entre Luz Caballero y Aricochea, walking distance from town centre. F Eddy G Osorio, Frexes 166 entre Morales Lemus y Narciso López. With bath, very good breakfast for US$1.50.

F Rolando Torres Cardet, José Antonio Cardet 202 entre Frexes y Aguilera, T425619. Very clean, a/c, small breakfast included, free coffee, central. F Rosalía Días V, Frexes 176 entre Miró y Morales Lemus, T423395. Excellent location, big room with bathroom, a/c, run by charming elderly lady, food available.

F Evaristo Bofill and Mirtha Lago, Luz Caballero 78 Altos entre Miró y Morales Lemus. 2 large rooms, very clean, private bathroom, a/c, terrace, friendly and helpful family who make you feel at home and like a good laugh.

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Tourists to Cuba often stay in private houses, known as casas particulares. Cubans may offer you their house, apartment or a room and cook...

Accommodation – Baracoa

C-D El Castillo C-D El Castillo (Gaviota), Calixto García, Loma del Paraíso, T42147, F86074. 35 a/c rooms with bath, phone, TV in lobby...

Accommodation – Bayamo

C Sierra Maestra C Sierra Maestra (Islazul), Carretera Central via Santiago de Cuba, T481013, 2 km from city centre. 204 rooms, delightful...

Accommodation – East from Havana

B Superclubs Breezes B Superclubs Breezes (Jibacoa), Playa Arrojo Bermejo, Vía Blanca Km 60, T69285122, F69285150. Price per person, all-...

Accommodation – Guantanamo

E Guantánamo E Guantánamo (Islazul), Ahogados, esq 13 Norte, Plaza Mariana Grajales, Reparto Caribe, T381015, F382406, 15 mins’ walk from...

Accommodation - Santiago de Cuba

C Club Coralia Santiago (Gran Caribe), formely Club Amigo Bucanero, 3-star, Carretera Baconao Km 4, Arroyo La Costa, T54596, 28130, under...

Accommodation – Cárdenas

E Dominica E Dominica, Av Céspedes y 9, T521502. 25 rooms in old sugar warehouse, converted to hotel in neo-classical style in 1919 and now...