Caribbean Tourism

Pinar del Río

The capital of Pinar del Río province is lively and attractive, and it gives a good taste of provincial Cuba. The centre consists of single-storey neo-classical houses with columns, some with other interesting architectural detail.

Cigar factory

There is a cigar factory, one of the town’s main tourist attractions, which reputedly makes the best cigars in Cuba. Mon-Sat 0800-1700, US$5 for a short visit, avoid the youngsters selling cigars outside.

Rum factory

Also worth a visit, if you’re interested, is the rum factory (Fábrica de Guayabita) on Isabel Rubio which makes a special rum flavoured with miniature wild guavas, Guayabita del Pinar, which comes in either dry or sweet varieties.

San Rosendo

Between the two is the pretty cream-coloured cathedral of San Rosendo.

Museo Provincial de Historia

The Museo Provincial de Historia, which details the history of the town and displays objects from the wars of independence. Martí 58, Mon-Sat 0800-1700, US$0.25.

Museo de Ciencias Naturales Sandalio de Noda

Further along Martí is the Museo de Ciencias Naturales Sandalio de Noda, with geological and natural history. Mon-Sat 0800-1700.

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