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Papiamento Glossary

Bon bini Welcome

Con ta bai How are you?

Mi ta bon I am well

Bon dia Good morning

Bon tarde Good afternoon

Bon nochi Good evening

Cuanti? How much?

Danki Thank you

Te aworo See you later

A yo Goodbye

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Curacao Curaçao the largest of the five islands comprising the Netherlands Antilles, lies in the Caribbean Sea 60 km off the Venezuelan coast,...

Netherland Antilles - ABC

The Netherlands Antilles, The ABC's consist of the islands of Aruba (autonomous, see below) Bonaire and Curaçao (popularly known as the ‘...

History of Netherland Antilles - ABC

The first known settlers of the islands were the Caiquetios, a tribe of peaceful Arawak Indians, who lived in small communities under a...

Government & Economy of Netherland Antilles - ABC

The organization of political parties began in 1936 and by 1948 there were four parties on Curaçao and others on Aruba and the other...

Papiamento and Netherland Antilles - ABC

Dutch is the official language, and many islanders also speak English or Spanish, but the lingua franca of the ABC islands is Papiamento (...

The Netherland Antilles- The ‘3 S’s’

The Netherland Antilles, The ‘3 S’s’, Saba, Sint Eustatius (Statia) and Sint Maarten are 880 km north of the rest of the Netherlands...


Curacao is an island of tropical charms with sophisticated European flair. Long-standing ties to Holland are reflected in rows of crayola-...