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Accommodation & Places to Eat - Playa Galeras

A-B Villa Serena

A-B Villa Serena, next to the shore, T5830203, F5382545. Canadian-owned, painted turquoise, pink and white, cool, plantation-style, undergoing expansion works in 2000, huge, stylish rooms, private terrace overlooking sea and little islet, rocky coast but small, sandy beach, a/c and fans, gourmet restaurant, tours organized.

A Club Bonito

A Club Bonito, T5380203, F6960082,, the first hotel on the right along the beach track, orange building.Very central, Italian restaurant Il Pirata, with seafood specialities, bar, boutique, pool, high class but still unfinished in 2000, beach volleyball.

A Todo Blanco

Next along the beach is A Todo Blanco. As the name suggests, it is all white, gingerbread style, pretty, balconies, restaurant, tour desk, horses to rent.

C Moorea Beach

C Moorea Beach, T5380007, T5380202. 12 rooms, seaview, 200 m from beach, in palm trees, painted white, in good order, pool, quiet but close to village centre, bar, restaurant, Dominican specialities, run by Bernard (German) and Eleni (Greek), who speak lots of languages, breakfast included in price.

C-D ¿Casa Por Qué No?

C-D ¿Casa Por Qué No?, T/F5382545, between the Plaza Lusitania shopping arcade and Club Bonito. French Canadian owned bed and breakfast.

E El Paradiso & F Villa Marina

E El Paradiso, owned by Peter Traubel of Dive Samaná, T5380210. Cabins. F Villa Marina, 800 m north of beach on road to Samaná. Italian-owned, 11 basic rooms with fan and bathroom, includes breakfast, excellent meals (fish platters or Italian food), served at reasonable prices under supervision of Vittorio Grillo, T/F5382545.

Casa Marina Bay

At the end of the beach track is the 250-room Casa Marina Bay resort development, all-inclusive, T5380020, with plans for time share apartments and golf courses, sports centres etc. Lovely location on its own reef-protected bay surrounded by palm trees, quiet, peaceful, kayaks, calm water, shallow for kids.

Places to Eat:

Good food at the hotels. Behind the dive shop is Jardín Tropical, restaurant and bar, daily specials US$5.L’ Aventura, good pizza for US$4.50. Chez Denise, T5380219. French food, crêpes, salads, from US$3.50. El Marinique, restaurant and cabañas west along the beach under palm trees, sea view from the restaurant, no beach, simple accommodation. Locals eat at the mini-comedores on the beach at the end of the road where the guaguas stop, not recommended for hygiene but plenty of local colour. You can find boatmen here for trips to other beaches.

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