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St Patrick’s Day

Not surprisingly in the ‘Emerald Isle’, St Patrick’s Day (a national holiday) is celebrated on 17 March with concerts, masquerades and other festivities.

The Queen’s Birthday

The Queen’s Birthday is celebrated on the 2nd Saturday in June with parades, salutes and the raising of flags.

August Monday

Another national knees-up is August Monday Weekend, connected to Emancipation Day on 1 August, commemorating the abolition of slavery in 1834. There are beach barbecues and picnics all weekend. Cudjoe Head Day on the Saturday starts with a big breakfast and carries on late into the night, while St Peter’s Anglican Fete is held in the village rectory grounds on the Mon.

Christmas Festival Celebrations

The island’s main festival is the Christmas season, which starts around 12 December and continues through New Year’s Day. There are shows, concerts, calypso competitions, jump ups and masquerades and of course lots of festivities and parties on New Year’s Eve, helped down with lots of goat water.

Public Holidays

New Year’s Day, St Patrick’s Day (17 March), Good Friday, Easter Monday, Labour Day (first Monday in May), Whit Monday (7th Monday after Easter), first Monday in August, Christmas Day, Boxing Day (26 December) and Festival Day (31 December).

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