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There are no resort hotels yet on Saba and even the most expensive are small and friendly. December to April is the busiest season, although divers come throughout the year. July is also busy because of Carnival and students return from foreign universities. Hotels do not usually give you a room key; there is no crime.

The four policemen on the island boast that the cells are only used as overspill when the hotels are full! All the hotels offer dive packages with the three dive shops. There is a 5% room tax, sometimes a 3% turnover tax (TOT) and usually a 10-15% service charge. It is an expensive island, difficult for budget travellers.


AL-A Captain’s Quarters , T62201, F62377. Temporarily closed in 2000 for renovation. Best known, sea captain’s house, sea view, restaurant, bar, pool. AL-A Juliana’s, further up the hill, T62269, F62389, Owned by Juliana and Franklin Johnson, descendants of original settlers, smaller rooms than Captain’s Quarters but each has kitchenette, cable TV, some have balcony or patio, also apartment and 2 cottages, good views, pool, café, bar.

A-B Scout’s Place, PO Box 543, T62205, F62388, Email: Being redeveloped by Germans in 2000 as a dive resort, packages available, beautiful views, 3 basic but comfortable rooms in former government guesthouse, 10 rooms in new wing, most with cable TV, fan and fridge, simple, relaxed, slow service, pool, restaurant. AL The Cottage Club, outside Windwardside, on hill with wonderful views east, T62486, F62476, Email: Owned by Jansen family who also own supermarket, 10 white cottages with red roofs in local style, kitchen, TV, phone, natural stone swimming pool.

On Booby Hill

LL Willard’s of Saba, PO Box 515, T62498, F62482, Email: Luxury or VIP suites in main building or bungalows further up the hill, all with incredible views, tennis, jacuzzi, pool, restaurant, bar/TV, long walk out of town up a slope so steep some taxi drivers refuse to go up it, jeep therefore recommended, good for those who want peace and quiet and are prepared to pay for it, no children under 14. C El Momo Cottages, half way up Jimmy’s Hill, 5 mins from Windwardside, PO Box 519, T/F62265, Up 60 steps, superb view, beautiful garden, 5 rooms, built in gingerbread style, separate bathroom building, simple but clean, friendly, great breakfast US$5.95, snacks available, pool, the only place for budget travellers, so essential to book, owned and managed by Oliver and Angelika Hartleib.

The Bottom

AL Cranston’s Antique Inn, T63203, F63469. 130-year old inn, 5 rooms, 4-poster beds, pool. B Caribe Guesthouse, T/F63259. Clean comfortable, no frills, 6 rooms, kitchen available. LL-L Queen’s Gardens Resort, PO Box 2, T63494, F63495,Troy Hill, overlooking The Bottom. 12 1-2 bedroom apartments, fully equipped, TV, phone, fans, spectacular view, garden, discounts for weekly rates, Mango Royale restaurant.

Hell’s Gate

AL-A The Gate House, T62416, F62550, Email: 6 rooms, all with bath, 2 have kitchens, café for breakfast and dinner, artwork by owner Jim Siegel, pool.

The tourist office has a list of 1-3 bedroom cottages and apartments for rent from US$50 a night, which can be let on a weekly or monthly basis, and can also provide hotel rates. They will also make reservations. Windwardside contact David Johnson, T62254, for B Effie’s Cottage, 1 bedroom, B The Look Out, 2 bedrooms, and A Rainbow Cottage, 2 bedrooms.

5-min walk from Windwardside at the Level are: C Renz Apartment, T62316 (Mr and Mrs Renz), sleeps 2, pool; C Welgelegen Cottage, T62244 (Mrs Johnson), 1 bedroom, and C Ocean View, T/F62297 (Mrs Peterson), studio. B Carpenter’s Cottage, T62224 (Mrs Pape), Email: 1 bedroom. AL Daphne Cottage, T63361 (Chuck and Ed Vaughn). 2 bedrooms. Hell’s Gate AL Susanna’ s Cottage, T62427 (Julie and Andrew Hassell), 2 bedrooms. The Bottom AL-B Midtown Apartments, T63394, F63263. 9 1-2 bedroom apartments, fully equipped, a/c, TV.

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Air Large aircraft cannot be accommodated although there are plans to build a longer runway. Planes do not land in bad weather in case they...

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Land Car Hire There are no buses on the island but you can hire a jeep or car. Drive on the right. Johnson’s Rent A Car, at Juliana’s Guest...


Telephone Services Most hotels have direct dialling worldwide, otherwise overseas calls can be made from Landsradio phone booths in...

Tourist Information

Tourist Office The Saba Tourist Board (Glenn Holm, Zuleyka and Angelique) is at Lambee’s Place in Windwardside, open Mon-Fri, 0800-1200,...