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Getting Around


Car Hire

There are no buses on the island but you can hire a jeep or car. Drive on the right. Johnson’s Rent A Car, at Juliana’s Guest House, Windwardside, T62469, F62389; Scout’s Place Car Rental, Windwardside, T62205, F62388; Caralfan Rent A Car Saba, T/F62575, Email: Doing it through a hotel can cost you US$10 more. Hitchhiking is safe, very easy and a common means of getting about. Alternatively you can walk. It is about 1½ hrs hike from the airport to Windwardside, through different scenery, vegetation and climate.


There are taxis at the airport and a few others around the island:

  • Wilfred, T62238
  • Garvis, T62358
  • Billy, T62262
  • Evelyn, T63292
  • Anthony, T62378
  • Manny, T63328
  • Wayne, T62277

They can be hired for tours round the island (US$40) and the drivers are knowledgeable guides. Some are also fishermen or hotel owners, so they can be valuable contacts.

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Before Travelling

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Getting There

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Tourist Information

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