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Entertainments in Saint Martin

Entertainments in Saint Martin


L’Atmosphere is a disco for ‘chic’ French people, at Marina Port La Royale, very little English spoken, drinks US$6.

Le Bar de la Mer

Le Bar de la Mer, T878179, at the waterfront is a popular meeting place for French-speaking young travelers, with live music once a week.

La Fiesta

La Fiesta, Marigot waterfront. South American music, Brazilian house band, popular bar for locals. Grand Case normally has live music Fri-Sun in high season with beach party style entertainment in one of the many bars. Surf Club South, Cul-de-Sac, T295040. Run by Andy Susko, a New Jersey-type bar, has beach parties every other Sun, all food and drinks US$1, with mainly 60s and 70s music, great fun.

Circus bar

Circus bar, T877864, in Baie Nettlé in the newly built resort area, a popular night bar, live music once in a while.

Le Privilège Disco

Le Privilège Disco at Anse Marcel, T874617. US$10 entrance, one drink included, one of the best but taxis expensive to get there, open from 2300, closed Mon, in Sep only opens Thu, Fri, Sat. Every full moon there is a beach party at Friar’s Bay starting around 2100-2200, barbecues on the beach every Fri and Sat.

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