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Sint Maarten - One 37-square-mile island 144 miles east of puerto rico

One 37-square-mile island 144 miles east of Puerto Rico is shared by French St. Martin and Dutch St. Maarten. With magnificent beaches, glassy calm bays and coves with crashing surf, the island is a perfect spot for all types of watersports. Its many hotels offer an assortment of accommodations to suit every tourism budget as well as excellent facilities for recreation and entertainment.

Philipsburg, the Dutch capital, is one of the Caribbean's busiest cruise ports -- a mecca for duty-free shoppers. The main street is a pedestrian mall during business hours. Small armies of shoppers alight from cruise ships and mini-van taxis and take to the streets in search of take-home treasures of every description.

Between the shops are some lively bars and nice restaurants for those who seek respite from the routine. And several busy casinos in the downtown area offer an alternate form of diversion.

The official language is Dutch, though some speak the charming Netherlands Antilles "Papiamento" dialect. English is commonly spoken and U.S. currency is widely accepted.

Sights include the old courthouse (c. 1793), Forts Amsterdam and Willem, the Zoological and Botanical Gardens and a popular museum with Columbian and Colonial artifacts, pottery and Delftware.

French St. Martin is slower and lower key.

Marigot, the stylish capital has an excellent array of duty-free shops and boutiques with luxurious imported merchandise in great profusion..
With so much French flavor, St. Martin is no slouch when it comes to cafes and restaurants. Charming spots to linger for lunch or dinner are tucked between the shops in town and on open air terraces at the attractive yacht basin nearby.

Marigot is a fun place for an impromptu walking tour. The town is pretty and peaceful, inviting exploration; easy to get around.
Officially, St. Martin's language is French and its currency is the French franc. But English is widely spoken and U.S. dollars and credit cards are welcome.

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