Caribbean Tourism

Getting Around


Car Hire: Many agencies at the airport.

  • Hertz T277114
  • Avis T277143
  • Budget T276630
  • Turbe T277142
  • Gumbs Rental T277532
  • Questel T277322
  • Aubin T277303
  • Europcar T277333
  • Soleil Caraïbes T276718
  • Island Car Rental T277001

Scooters can be rented from Rent Some Fun T277059, Chez Beranger T278900, Saint Barth Moto Bike T276789. Denis Dufau, Saint-Jean, T275483, is a Harley Davidson shop.

There are two gas stations, one near the airport terminal, open Mon-Sat 0730-1700, the other in Lorient open Mon-Wed, Fri 0730-1700, Sat morning. There is self-service with payment to the cashier, or automatic service machine open 24 hrs using Visa card, maximum allowance F600.

Taxis: There is a taxi stand at the airport T277581, and in Gustavia T276631. Minibuses (and ordinary taxis) do island tours, 2½-3 hrs, US$45 for two people, dropping you off at Baie de Saint-Jean and collecting you later for the boat if you are on a day trip. It is not easy to hire a car for only one day, except out of season, mini mokes from 210F per day: ask your hotel to obtain a car if required.


Boat: Gustavia Express goes to St Martin, Mon-Sat, departs Gustavia 0715, 1530, departs Marigot market place 0900, 1715, adults one way US$36 including US$6 tax, round trip US$56, children up to 12 US$26 and US$31, cheaper for residents, ID required, T275410, 277724, F277723 in Gustavia, T879903, F877303 in St-Martin. Voyager have scheduled services between St Maarten/St Martin, St-Barts and Saba, contact St-Barth Ship Service for details, Quai de la République, T277738, F276795. Several catamarans go to St-Barts from Sint Maarten, leaving in the morning and returning in the afternoon so you can do a day trip. There are no other regular boats to other islands.

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In Gustavia, the capital, there are branches of several well-known French shops (such as Cartier). The small crowd of habitués is mostly...

Before Travelling

Hospitals and Medical Facilities: T276035. Doctor on call: T277304. Useful Addresses Gendarmerie: T276012. Police: T276666. Fire: T276231....

Getting There

Air Only small planes carrying a maximum of 20 passengers can land on the short runway. Enquire locally for boat services between St Barts...


Telephone Services The SiBarth agency on General de Gaulle in Gustavia, T276238, F276052, has a fax service and a mail holding service....

Tourist Information

Local Tourist Office Quai de Gaulle, Gustavia T278727, F277447 Open Mon-Thu 0830-1230, 1430-1800 Fri 0930-1230, 1430-1600

ST. BART'S: as it's called, is eight square miles and just a short air hop from the island of St. Martin.

St. Bart's, as it's called, is eight square miles and just a short air hop from the island of St. Martin. But it's worlds away. Where it is...


AIRLINES: * Air Caraibes. * Air Guadeloupe. * Air St. Barthelemy. * Air St. Thomas. * Windward Islands Airways....