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Food & Drink - St. Kitts

For elegant dining in a cool, natural environment, try the Royal Palm at Ottley’s Plantation Inn, away from the hustle and bustle. There are also many places offering snacks, light meals, ice creams and drinks in Basseterre and in the Frigate Bay area. Look out for places selling excellent local patties and fruit juices.

On Church St, Cisco’s Place, T4659009. For inexpensive lunches and delicious Chinese food on weekend nights. For great local snacks and baked goods, try Jakki’s, T4656043, on Cayon St across from Uncle T’s (for fast food, greasy). Relax on Jakki’s open air balcony. The only international fast food chain is Kentucky Fried Chicken on Bay Rd, T4667751, the popular local equivalent is Redi-Fried Chicken, T4651301. Tasty chicken and chips, cheaper, on Adlam St, around the corner from the cinema.

Fisherman’s Wharf, T4652754, beside OTI offers tasty fresh fish, barbecue chicken etc and help yourself to vegetables for US$25-35, conch chowder recommended. Ballahoo in town, T4654197, F4657070. Great central meeting place, lovely view of the Circus, excellent local food at reasonable prices, open Mon-Sat 0800-2200. Also in Basseterre Circus Grill, T4650143. Good well-presented food, a bit more expensive than Ballahoo, open Mon-Sat 1130-2200. Chef’s Place, Church St, T465176. Good breakfasts and West Indian food at reasonable price, 0900-2100 Mon-Sat, no credit cards.

Star of India, Victoria Rd, T4661537. Chef from Bombay, authentic Indian food. Georgian House, South Independence Square, T4654049. Open Wed-Sat 1830-2130, reservations only, in the house’s walled garden is Mango’s Bar and Bistro, complete with mango and banana trees, good food and a favourite hangout for visitors and locals alike, open Mon-Sat 1130-1600, dinner 1830-2130, Fri dancing until late, T4654049.

Good, predictable Chinese food is at Kim Sha, Bay Rd, T4660022, and Kim Xing, Cayon St, T4666692. Generous portions, fast service, reasonable prices. Arlecchino, Amory Mall, Cayon St. Italian restaurant, friendly owner, Jasmine makes a delicious coffee shake, T4659927, open 0900-1500, 1800-2230. Royal Ethiopian, Cayon St, T4657741, vegetarian. Stone Walls, Princess St, T4655248. Expensive but excellent food, special theme nights, open Mon-Sat 1700-2300, in pleasant garden. Vegetarian Plus in TDC Mall. Open Mon-Sat 0800-2300, one of the few places open on Sun 1000-2200, T4650709.

Bayembi Cultural Cafe, Bank St, T466280. Good snacks, occasional Fri night street parties. Rank’s Eat Rite Specialities, corner St Johnson Av and Union St, T4658190. Fresh, low fat meals, quaint, clean, friendly, veggie/fish burgers, tuna melt, fish meals, local drinks. Victor’s Hideaway, Stainforth St, New Town, Basseterre, T4652518. Open 0900-1500, 1830-late.

Pizza Lovers, George St, New Town. Filling, tasty, cheap, T4656870. For a very local experience try Razba’s Veggie Pizza Parlour, T4656738, on St Johnston’s Av. Most of the clientele is Rastafarian vegetarians who come for a good ‘lime’ and are friendly to new faces. Similar atmosphere 2 blocks away at Rasco-Tec, look for the Bob Marley mural, T4668843. Central Delight Refreshment Bar, Central St, T4651142. A place to relax, ice cream, hamburgers, hot dogs, sandwiches. The Family Snackette, Liverpool Ros, T4652601. Quaint setting, local food and drinks. Cranstoun, T4668993. Kittitian cooking and fast food. Ribs and Rolls, Princess St, T4663474. Ribs and pastries.

Sunset Cafein Frigate Bay, Timothy Beach Resort, T4653020. Serves local seafood, burgers, open daily, 0700-2300, good. The Patio, Frigate Bay, T4658666. Open Dec-May, local and international cuisine, complimentary white wine and open bar with dinner, run by Peter and Joan Mallalieu like a private dinner party so reservations essential, entrées US$25-30, dress smartly. PJ’s Pizza, Frigate Bay, T4658373. Open from 1000 Tue-Sat.

Doo Wop Days, an Italian Café and Bar in Frigate Bay, T4651960, F4658506. Owned by Joe and Linda Pozzolo who have 50’s, 60’s and 70’s entertainment and karaoki on weekends. Marshall’s, at Horizons Villa Resort, Frigate Bay, T4668245. Romantic poolside dining with ocean view, exquisite food, not to be missed.

The New Anchorage Bar and Restaurant, T4658235, on the beach. Breezes, at Sun and Sand Condominiums, T4658037. Breezy with excellent ocean view, pricey menu with tasty, but small, portions. At the end of the peninsula, out at Turtle Beach Bar and Grill, T4699086, F4667771. Excellent barbecue, vegetarian options, friendly, open daily 0945-1800 and Thur-Sat 1900-2100, live steel band on Sun and lunch time. Small restaurants around the island serving West Indian food, include Manhattan Gardens, Old Rd, T4659121.

Across the street, try Sprat Net, by the sea, T4656314. Run by Spencer family, serves fresh fish and goat water, busy at weekends. Highly recommended for good atmosphere and reasonably priced food, one of the places to be at weekends, open Thur-Sun. In Cayon in the east, Penny’s, and Off Limit Bar, T4669821. Cater mostly for locals, local food, burgers, drinks, spacious and clean in village setting. Local bakeries have a variety of savoury and sweet baked goods at affordable prices. Most now have small dining sections as the competitive bakery business heats up.

The main bakeries are:

  • Fancy Loaf, T4655415
  • American Bakery, T4652136
  • Island Bakeries Ltd, T4658034
  • Browne & Sons, T4652776
  • Fraites & Sons, T4654629
  • Fulton’s, T4659538

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