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Getting Turks and Caicos

There are international airports on Grand Turk, North Caicos, Providenciales and South Caicos, with domestic airports on all of the islands except for West Caicos and East Caicos, which are uninhabited. American Airlines flies twice daily between Providenciales and Miami.

In season, there are weekly charter flights from several North American cities, including Boston, Chicago, Detroit, New York, Montreal and Toronto. TCI connections can be made via Nassau and Freeport on BahamasAir and SkyKing. Inter-island services are provided by Turks & Caicos Airways and numerous local charters. Flights are available to the Bahamas, Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico, Cuba, Jamaica and Haiti. Sea and air freight services also operate from Florida.


Scheduled service airlines are TCA (T9464255, F9462081, domestic emergency T9415353); American Airlines (T1-800-4337300, T9415700); TCI Sky King (T9461520 on Grand Turk, T9415461/4 on Provo, F9415127, Email:; Bahamasair and Lynx Air (to Grand Turk only from Provo). Charter airlines are Global Airways (T9413222 on Provo, T9467093 on North Caicos, F9467290, run by the Gardiner family); Inter Island Airways (Provo T9465481, F9464040, after hours T9464466, Lyndon Gardiner); Flamingo Air Services (Grand Turk T9462109/8); Provo Air Charter (T9465578, F9465040). It is worth checking in early when returning to Miami from Provo, to avoid long queues.

Airlines and schedules tend to change frequently. Most visitors to Grand Turk arrive with American Airlines to Provo and then shuttle over on a small aircraft, this works quite smoothly. Bahamasair began flying from Miami twice a week in 1999 but there was little confidence locally that it would last long. Alternatively, Lynx Air flies direct from Ft Lauderdale, comfortable, many advantages but lengthy flight. TCA, Sky King and Inter Island Airways operate frequent inter-island flights and it is often possible to turn up on the day you want to travel and catch the next flight. Reservations are recommended, however, particularly when going to Provo.


  • GDT: Grand Turk.
  • PLS: Providenciales.
  • XSC: South Caicos.
  • Domestic airports on all other inhabited islands.

It is worth checking in early when returning to Miami from Provo, to avoid long queues.

Ports of Entry for aircraft are Providenciales, South Caicos and Grand Turk, but the major international airport is on Providenciales. There are also airstrips on North Caicos, Middle Caicos, Pine Cay and Salt Cay.

To Providenciales: American Airlines flies twice daily from Miami to Provo with one flight originating in New Orleans. Bahamasair flies from Nassau and Miami. TWA has a weekly charter flight from New York and is in negotiation to start a scheduled flight in 2000. TCI Sky King flies from Freeport, Kingston, Nassau, Puerto Plata (Dominican Republic) and Cap Haitiën into Provo and provides connecting flights to Grand Turk and South Caicos. Turks and Caicos Airways also flies from Cap Haitiën to Providenciales and on to Grand Turk, Middle Caicos, North Caicos and South Caicos.

To Grand Turk: Lynx Air flies three days a week from Fort Lauderdale, T305-7729808, 1995 West Commercial Boulevard, Ft Lauderdale. TCA flies from Cap Haitiën. Sky King will fly to Cuba, the Dominican Republic, Bahamas and Haiti on request.

Entry Requirements

Visitors from the US and Canada will only need to show proof of citizenship: either a valid passport, or an expired passport no more than five years, or an original birth certificate and official photo identification, such as a driver's license. Other nationals wishing to visit these islands will need valid passports, while those visiting from Eastern Bloc Countries will need visas. All visitors must hold an onward or return ticket.

Gateway/Flying Times

  • Atlanta 2.5 hrs.
  • Miami: 1 hr. 20 mins.
  • Nassau: 2 hrs.
  • Grand Turk to Provo: 30 mins.

Taxi Fares from Airport

Fares are fixed and should be agreed beforehand. The charge for a taxi is US$2.00 per ml per person on both Providenciales and Grand Turk.

By Sea

For those arriving by sea, there is a safe harbour and marina at Flamingo Cove, North Creek, run by Leah and Kirk, T9462227.

Boat: Evening weather radio report on VHF from Blue Water Divers on Grand Turk; Mystine on SSB. There is no scheduled passenger service (cargo comes in regularly from Florida) and no port is deep enough to take cruise ships although some occasionally stop outside the reef and shuttle in passengers for half a day.

Ports of Entry: (British flag) Providenciales: Turtle Cove Marina, Caicos Shipyard, Leeward Marina, South Dock/Sapodilla Bay; Grand Turk; South Caicos; Salt Cay. Clear in and out with customs and immigration, VHF 16.

Boat Documents: On arrival, customs will grant seven days immigration clearance. Go to town to the Immigration Office (closed 1230-1430) to obtain a 30 day extension. Fuel and alcoholic drink may be purchased duty free with clearance to leave the country. The Customs Office is at South Dock, Provo, and there are Customs Officers at the airport all day too.

Marinas: There are five marinas on Provo. Leeward Marina at Leeward Going Through, T9465553, F9465674, Email:, gas/diesel sales only, restaurant; Turtle Cove Landing, Sellar’s Pond, Provo, T9464307, F9464771, long term dockage for boats up to 70 ft, 5 ft draft; Turtle Cove Marina, Sellar’s Pond, Provo, T9464303, F9464326, Email:, full service, all weather anchorage, 6 ft draft, 35 new slips (still under construction), RO, water and ice, premium prices; South Side Marina, T9464747, dockside T9464200, F9415776, hamilton&, diesel, gas, oil, water, 4½ft controlling depth, call for reservations; Caicos Marina and Shipyard, Long Bay, Provo, T9465600, F9465390, SSB 4143.6, (fuel, ice, dry storage, cabinet maker on the premises, Southwind Millworks, T9465700, and a machinist/diesel mechanic). South Caicos also has a marina. There are no bareboat charters. Also check Turks and Caicos Islands National Marine Parks

Note: The prices and schedules are quoted here not necessarily always mean the actual price. Its a guide for an approximate value only and are subject to change. For actual please ask your travel agent or hotel or appropriate authority.

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