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North Caicos

The lushest of the islands, North Caicos, (pop: 1,895), has taller trees than the other islands and attracts more rain. Like Middle and East Caicos, the south part of the island comprises swamp and mangrove.The population has declined to 1,275 inhabitants living at the settlements of Bottle Creek, Whitby, Sandy Point and Kew.

There is one Nature Reserve at Dick Hill Creek and Bellefield Landing Pond, to protect the West Indian whistling duck and flamingos, and another at Cottage Pond, a fresh/salt water sinkhole, about 170 ft deep, where there are grebes and West Indian whistling duck. Pumpkin Bluff Pond is a sanctuary for flamingos, Bahamian pintail and various waders. Three Mary’s Cays is a sanctuary for flamingos and is an osprey nesting site. Flocks of flamingos can also be seen on Flamingo Pond, but take binoculars. There is a viewing point at the side of the road, which is the only place from where you can see them and at low tide they can be a long way off. There is also good snorkelling at Three Mary’s Cays and Sandy Point beach to the west is lovely. There is a rough road to Three Mary’s Cays suitable for jeeps. The beaches are good along the north coast where the hotels are, although the best is a seven-mile strip west of Pumpkin Bluff, where there has been no development so far. It can be reached by walking along the beach or via a dirt road past the Club Vacanze car park. A cargo ship foundered on the reef in the 1980s, and is still stuck fast, making it of snorkelling interest. Construction of a new deep water harbour has begun and when finished it will extend from Pine Cay to Bellefield Landing and over Dick Hill Creek.

Kew, in the center, is a pretty, scruffy little village with neat gardens and tall trees, many of them exotic fruit trees, to provide shade. There are three churches, a primary school, a shop and two bars. Bottle Creek, in the east, has a high school, clinic and churches. The paved road ends here and a rough road requiring four-wheel drive continues to Toby Rock. The backstreets of Bottle Creek run alongside the creek and here you can see the importance of water conservation, with people carrying buckets to and from the municipal water tap at the rain catchment area, while donkeys, goats and dogs roam around. Hundreds of birds spotted throughout the mangroves in the creek on Salt Cay. You can stay Pirates Hideaway Guesthouse and book packages for birding. T: 649 941 5710, F: 649 941 4258, Email:

The area is poor, but many people are building themselves bigger and better homes. Whitby, on the north coast, is rather spread out along the road, but this is where the few hotels are. Several expatriates have built their homes along Whitby Beach. Sandflies can be a problem in this area, particularly if there is not enough wind, take insect repellent. Sandy Point, in the west, is a fishing community. North Caicos is the centre of basket making in the islands and there are several women, including Clementine Mackintosh, Eliza Swan and Cassandra Gardiner, who are expert in their craft. Prices do not vary much from those in the shops in Providenciales or locally. Eliza Swan is based in Whitby and makes beautiful bags and baskets using many colors and designs. Wades Green Plantation, just to the west of Kew, is the best example of a Loyalist plantation in the islands, with many ruins, including a courtyard and a prison. Archaeologists from the University of California in Los Angles carried out excavations in 1989. The boutique section of Papa Grunt’s restaurant in the Whitby Plaza sells crafts, potions and insect repellent cheaper than on Provo. Also you can rent a bike at Whitby Plaza, at the Prospect of Whitby Club, for about $15 a day, Tel. 649-946-7301, or pick up a taxi at the airport.

Join Big Blue’s eco-adventures and dive trips. Hundreds of birds spotted throughout the mangroves in the creek on Salt Cay. You can stay Pirates Hideaway Guesthouse and book packages for birding. T: 649 941 5710, F: 649 941 4258, Email:

Share the knowledge & experience with Fineline's fishing angler Chris Stubbs Bite Me Sportfishing Charter outings can be booked by the half day or full day. Rates include up to 4 persons, all equipment, bait and cold soft drinks provided. Tel: 649-231-0366, 818-286-3956 or 649-946-4398 or 649-946-4918, Email:

Move full or half day to any island of your choice for bone fishing, bottom fishing, deep sea fishing, snorkelling, island cruising, beach cruising, cave safaris, Reggae sunset cruises and boat charter with Catch the Wave Charters; operated by Edward Missick. It is a fleet of six water craft which accommodates up to 50 persons with plenty of sun and shade on the deck. A 24' Hurricane power boat for cruising the water in comfort and style. Two 16' flats boats provide for bonefishing in the shallows and two 27 foot power boats for bottom and deep sea fishing. Tel: 649.941.3047, Email:

Mr. Dameko. C. Dean's "Blue Whale Tours & Excursions" at Turtle Cove Marina offer numerous 1/2 day or full day tours with its newest fleets of boats, all brand new 2007's, that are waiting to have you fish, ride and relax in comfort. Choose from, which are, "Shark Fishing", "Beach Barbeque", "Conch Cruise", "Bone Fishing", "Deep Sea Fishing", "West Caicos Snorkel", "Middle Caicos Getaway", "Light Tackle Trolling", "Custom Adventures", "Iguana Island Site Seeing" and so much more. Tel: (649)232-5023, Email:

You are advised to bring small denomination US dollar notes as there is no bank and it is difficult to cash US$50 or US$100, travellers’ cheques or money orders around the island.

Photographer Chel Beeson portfolio's his work from around the world. His specialties are advertising, studio, location and travel including shots of food, people and products now working in the Turks and Caico Islands. Ask Chels island photo safari for details.

Bottle Creek Lodge offer a variety of Fishing Trips. Enjoy a day of Bonefishing in the amazing flats of North Caicos or set out on an Offshore Fishing Charter or Bottom Fishing Charter (Inside Reef) to catch Dorado, Billfish or Wahoo. (Lodge owner, Captain Jay will share his fishing secrets and help you slay your prize) within sight of land in waters about 200' deep. Lunch and beverages are provided. Tel: (703) 297-8224 or (649) 946-7080, Email:

A tour of the Crab Farm offers a lesson in a Crab mariculture, marine ecology and an excellent eco-tour. There are Loyalist plantation ruins, the grandest of which is Wades green. Lucayan artifacts were found in the caves near Sandy Point. Cottage Pond at Sandy Point is a large pool of tropical vegetation.

TIKI HUT PICNIC CRUISE excursion takes you on a land and water exploration to North Caicos, the lush vegetation and farming it provides home grown produce for the local population. It is home to lots of birds, including pink flamingos, ospreys, frigate birds and pelicans. Also Ground Tour, Motor Boat Cruise, boat ride takes you along the numerous Cays to North Caicos, Miles and miles of white beaches, crystal clear turquoise waters and a movie setting of deserted Tiki Huts on an uninhabited beach.

You can get in North Caicos by Domestic Airline, boat or the ferry. Domestic Airline - Global Airways charter flights serving Providenciales (Provo) and North Caicos making convenient connections to International flight arrivals and departures at Providenciales International Airport. Ph.: (649) 941-3222, (649) 946-7093, Fx: (649) 946-7290, Email: GLO...@TCIWAY.TC Air Turks and Caicos (former Interisland Airways) also offers scheduled domestic as well as international services and also international charter services to the Bahamas and Florida. check Air Turks and Caicos flight schedule. Ph: (649) 946-4999, (649) 946-4181, Fax: (649) 946-4040, Email: or or

Although fast, modern, air-conditioned North Caicos ferry now make some of the trips, some of the more remote destinations are still served by slow, old-fashioned craft with few amenities. North Caicos Ferry Port is at Sandy Point Marina. Ferry service provided TCI ferry service caribbean cruising' ltd at North Caicos Ferry Port in Sandy Point Marina. Tel: (649) 946-5406 / Cell: 231-4191, Email:

You can choose Captain, Lobster & Conch diver, Deep sea and bottom fisherman - Darin's DB Toursbonefishing & flyfishing boat and teach you how to use spinning rods as well as Fly rods and catch a bonefish on your first day of bone fishing instruction. Its 17' Action Craft with single 115hp Mercury outboard (you can tie your hat on), fully tricked out to include GPS, fish finder (not that we need it), poling platform, cushioned seats and all amenities. Tel: (649) 242-4327, Email:

Harbour Club Villas and Marina is a six villa vacation complex located between two waterfronts in a prime bonefishing area on Providenciales and is ideal for those island visitors wanting to wade the flats and do some self guided bonefishing. Your "belonger"Captain knows where "the silent ghost" is waiting as he poles his skiff around secluded areas or tale signs...."tailing", digging for food or "mudding", foraging in deeper water in muddy bottoms.. Only the sound of the water lapping against the skiff is heard as he quietly poles the skiff while searching the waters with knowledgeable, eagle eye.

Green Flash Tours specializes in small groups of 8 or less for tours featuring whale watching, snorkelling, fishing, beach picnics and cruising around the many small islands found in the Turks and Caicos. Private charters are also available. A Hydrophone is on board, a unique underwater listening device, that allows you to actually hear the whales singing. Tel: 1-506-529-4386, 1-649-946-6904, Email: Or if you're heading north, visit Quoddy Link Marinefor some fantastic northern whale watching.

Boss Tours & Fishing Charter's Fishing & Watersport, nature & historical eco-touristic journey will invite to marvel at the ingenious inventions of our forefathers by perfecting the art of making first class salt, which was used worldwide, particularly in the United States of America during the Civil War. Email:

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