Caribbean Tourism



Mochima Puerto La Cruz: Venezuela’s second Caribbean coastal National Park is Mochima, 55 kilometres from the port of Puerto La Cruz. This city is 320 kilometres, five hours east of Caracas. It is the main commercial centre in this part of the country, especially for oil, but is also a popular holiday centre with good watersports and yachting facilities. The park...


A few kilometres beyond, towards Coro, is the favourite, and hence expensive, beach resort of Chichiriviche which gets very crowded at holidays and weekends.


Isla de Margarita Many on the island, including 16-26 March at Paraguachí (Feria de San José); 27 July at Punta de Piedra; 31 July (Batalla de Matasiete) and 14-15 August (Asunción de la Virgen) at La Asunción; 8-15 September at El Valle; 4-11 November at Boca del Río, 4-30 November at Boca del Pozo; 5-6 December at Porlamar; 27 December-3 January at Juan...