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Tucacas is a hot, busy, dirty and expensive town, with lots of new building in progress, where bananas and other fruit are loaded for Curaçao and Aruba.

Islas Los Testigos

Islas Los Testigos are the first islands approached by yachts coming from Grenada or Trinidad. No official clearance is given, the coastguard officer stands by VHF16 and can give temporary clearance, usually up to 48 hours. This is a protected area where spearfishing and scuba diving are forbidden. You can fish with a hand-line from a yacht or buy fish and...

Flora & Fauna

Despite the property boom and frenetic building on much of the coast and in Porlamar, much of the island has been given over to natural parks. Of these the most striking is the Laguna La Restinga. Launches provide lengthy runs around the mangrove swamps, but they create a lot of wash and noise. The mangroves are fascinating, with shellfish clinging to the...