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Excursions - Isla de Margarita

Excursions - Isla de Margarita The capital, La Asunción is a few kilometres inland from Porlamar. It has several colonial buildings, a cathedral, and the fort of Santa Rosa, with a famous bottle dungeon. Monday 0800-1500, other days 0800-1800. There is a museum in the Casa Capitular, and a local market, good for handicrafts. Nearby are the Cerro Matasiete historical site, where the...


Tucacas is a hot, busy, dirty and expensive town, with lots of new building in progress, where bananas and other fruit are loaded for Curaçao and Aruba.

Parque Nacional Morrocoy

The National Park of Morrocoy comprises hundreds of coral reefs, palm-studded islets, small cosy beaches and calm water for water-skiing, snorkelling, and skin-diving. The Park is reached from Tucacas in the S and Chichiriviche in the N. With appropriate footwear it is possible to walk between some of the islands. The largest, cleanest and most popular of...

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Also see "Getting Around", and "Getting There" for more detailed travel information. Climate Tropical, with little change between season. Documents Entry is by passport and visa, or by passport andtourist card. Tourist cards (tarjetas de ingreso) are valid only for thoseentering by air and are issued by most airlines to visitors from: Andorra, Antigua and...